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The Step System Vol. 1 by Lee Smith and RSVP Magic - DVD
 275,00 DKK 
The Step System Vol. 1 by Lee Smith and RSVP Magic - DVD
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The Step System Vol. 1 by Lee Smith and RSVP Magic - DVD




Velkommen til 'The Step System "den helt nye to-disk sæt fra UK magiker Lee Smith. Så hvad er 'The Step System'? Nå det står for enkle tricks ekstraordinær Power og beviser, at du kan få fantastiske reaktioner og gøre en stor levende udføre effekter, der virkelig er enkle at gøre. Reaktionerne på disse dvd'er bevise det! 




Ice Breaker
Lee's 3 Phase opening routine. Cards jump from hand to hand, vanish and appear in impossible places! Included is an in depth discussion on character types for different audiences, approach and much, much more.

Walkaround 2 Cards to Pocket
Two cards are lost in the deck, then found and then they swap places. Snappy, fast and a real attention grabber. Utilizes the Ollie Mealing 'Switch Trick', one of the best glimpses ever! Worth the price of the DVD!

One of Lee's signature tricks being explained for the first time. An awesome routine in which a card jumps under the card box not once but twice and even escapes a spectator's hand. A third phase ends with the ENTIRE DECK UNDER THE BOX. Best of all its easy to do!

You Keep Mine
A superb multi-phase routine that ends with the spectators signature jumping from their card to one that has your business details on the back. The perfect giveaway that's sure to get you more bookings.

Bold Business
An amazing feat of mind power. Leave the spectator thinking you really can read minds! A miracle using nothing more than a marker pen and some business cards (again worth the DVD).

Third Degree
Three cards are chosen, one even imagined. All three are revealed in progressively harder ways until the magician reveals that the thought of card has been in their hands right from the start. A masterpiece of audience management and psychology.

Bonus PDF of Lee's walkaround Lecture Notes
Included on this DVD is a complete PDF of Lee's 'Walkaround Lecture Notes' which inspired this project. Selling at $20.00, you get this for FREE!

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 55mins

Vægt: 0.200 Kg
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Dette produkt kom i vores online shop torsdag 14 juli, 2011.
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