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Forecast (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craig Petty and t
 225,00 DKK 
Forecast (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craig Petty and t
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Hvad har verdens top 1% af kortmagikere og mentalister til fælles?

De har ØJEBLIKKELIG genkaldelse af positionen af ​​ethvert kort i et husket kortspil!

Og nu kan du også.

Med fokus på forudsigelseseffekter har mestermagiker Craig Petty taget et underudnyttet princip i kortmagi og skabt en monstermesterklasse, der demonstrerer, hvor latterligt kraftfuldt et husket kortspil kan være.

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What do the world's top 1% of card magicians and mentalists have in common?

They have INSTANT recall of the position of ANY card in a memorized deck!

And now you can, too.

With a focus on prediction effects, master magician Craig Petty has taken an underused principle in card magic and created a monster masterclass demonstrating just how ridiculously powerful a memorized deck can be.

Imagine instantly telling a spectator EXACTLY how many cards they fairly cut from a deck.

Imagine PREDICTING the amount of cards a spectator will cut before they even do it.

Imagine performing the world's CLEANEST Card at Any Number routine.

You will learn all of these effects and so many more.

But there's a catch.

Memorizing a deck of cards is laborious and time consuming. It's why so few magicians ever make the top 1% and why so many performers quit trying.

However, Craig Petty's unique approach to learning a mem-deck will DRASTICALLY improve your progress and significantly slash the time required to learn one. Here's how:

The first three effects taught in Forecast are completely self working, killer card miracles. Despite using stacked decks, there is no need to remember the position of a single card! Craig designed these effects to help you become familiar with your stack without the risk of getting anything wrong. You will master all three effects almost instantly (and they are easily worth the price of this project alone).

The next three tricks are slightly more advanced, but easily still within your grasp. While they don't require instant recall, they do require a basic familiarization with your stack. But we've made it super easy by including a devious gimmick that will be your safety net. Even in the heat of performance, you will never lose your cool.

The final three tricks do require instant recall. But by mastering all of the effects that came prior, you'll have already overtaken 99% of magicians that embarked on this path before you; You will have conquered the foundations and the finish line will be firmly in sight.

Memorizing the order of a deck of playing cards allows you to perform card miracles that appear TRULY impossible, even to other magicians. If you're looking for magician foolers, this project is bursting with them!

What's more, every effect taught in Forecast can be performed with ANY memorized card stack. Craig uses the existing Mnemonica stack by Juan Tamariz but you are welcome to create your own by shuffling a deck into a random order and using that to begin your mem-deck journey.

No more procrastinating. There has never been a better time to master the mem-deck.

Are you ready to join the 1%?

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