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The Enlightenment by Ben Harris - Trick
 550,00 DKK 
The Enlightenment by Ben Harris - Trick
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The Enlightenment by Ben Harris - Trick

The Ultimate Floating Card


" The power of Enlightenment" is not "the talent for acquiring wisdom"-as one might assume. Rather, it is the rarely seen ability to make any given object incrementally lighter-sometimes to the point of defying gravity-to "enlighten". Here's the key effect: A spectator shuffles the deck and nominates any of the cards as her favourite card. This card is removed, examined and placed face up onto the top of the shuffled deck. The spectator HOLDS THE DECK IN HER OUTSTRETCHED HAND. On the performer's command, the selected card slowly breaks free from the vice-like grip of gravity-rises into the air-floats for as long as the performer wants, and then slowly descends. So freaked-out is the spectator that she breaks with protocol and reaches for the selected card-turning it over-looking for some secret. NOTHING IS FOUND! It simply looks amazing. Spooky. Hauntingly beautiful.

Amazing magnetic control feels like "real magic!"




  • Spectator handles the cards throughout.
  • Performable in the spectator's hand, on the table or in your hand.
  • SELF-CONTAINED: nothing added or taken away.
  • Can be repeated with another card and without any reset.
  • Can be performed surrounded.
  • Spectator may keep card as souvenir.

A paradigm shift in magic with magnets

The principle is completely NEW. Ben Harris has spent 25 years developing the concept and making it practical. The final result, we predict, will revolutionize how magnets are used in our art. Just imagine: thread-free levitation effects with any flat, small objects-

  • DOLLAR BILLS (any currency)

You are supplied with the precisely balanced (factory-made) gimmick in plastic and alloy, 12 month warranty, Quick Start Manual (in English, French, Japanese and Spanish) and the 100 page book, Enlightenment: The Ultimate Floating Card. This book details the history of the effect's development and the intimate details of the Floating Card Application.

Bonus: Floating Bill On Spectator's Knee.

Requires typical PK-Style Magnet for operation.

PARADIGM SHIFTER MAGNET available as optional extra.

Custom designed by Ben Harris (26.5mmX26.5mmX14mm, rubber coated)

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Paradigm Shifter
af Ben Harris


Paradigm Shifter
af Ben Harris 

Den Perfekte Magnet til at køre Ben Harris'  - The Ultimate Floating Card eller enhver PK virkning.

Sammenlignet med andre PK magneter, Paradigm Shifter er ganske moderate i dens styrke.  Den er designet til at være finger palmed . Nogle af de større og stærkere PK magneter på markedet vil være nødt til at blive afholdt yderligere væk fra effekten. Jo mere magtfuld en PK magnet, desto større er afstanden til aktivering. En stærkere MAGNET giver ikke en højere levitation. 

Her lidt tekniske specifikationer
 N rating af Paradigm Shifter er moderat: 
Materiale: NdFeB, Grade N42 
Direction: Thru Thickness Magnetization Retning: Gennem Tykkelse
Weight: (61.46 g) Vægt: (61,46 g)
Pull Force: 87.90 lbs Pull Force: 87,90 pund
Surface Field: 5360 Gauss Overflade Field: 5360 Gauss
Brmax: 13,200 Gauss Brmax: 13.200 Gauss
BHmax: 42 MGOe BHmax: 42 MGOe
Rubber Coated, seamless Gummi overtrukne, sømløse

Dimensions Approximately 1" x 1" x 1/2" (2.65cm x 2.65cm x 1.4cm) Dimensioner Ca. 1 "x 1" x 1 / 2 "(2.65cm x 2.65cm x 1.4cm)



Vægt: 0.300 Kg
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Dette produkt kom i vores online shop onsdag 28 maj, 2008.
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